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Get fitted and play better golf. It's as simple as that. Golf club head fitting, shaft fitting & grip fitting.

Custom club fitting is the easiest way to improve your game. Too many people play with their grandfather's, dad's, uncle's or boyfriend's old clubs. With outdated and wrongly sized golf clubs you simply cannot hit the ball well. Get them fitted by a clubfitting professional today.

Bring your clubs to get re-gripped or repaired. E.g correct grip size improves your game immediately.

We have top of the line fitting tools, including an
X Golf simulator, loft fitter system, counter weight fitting system, frequency analyzer and more.

BirdieFinish Golf in Oregon City is now the most complete fitting center in the area!

Where else can you find the newest and the best fitting equipment, a top of the line golf simulator where you can hit your shots and a tour experienced, knowledgeable golf professional who can not only help your game but also fit and make your clubs just for you?

BirdieFinish Golf is a full service custom club studio.

Contact us today: info@birdiefinishgolf.com
                              (503) 518-0085
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What is a good fitting? Why BirdieFinish Golf is the leader in fitting in Oregon?

A good fitting is a conversation, not a sales pitch. Too often when you go for a fitting, even at a well-known "fitting center", they already know what they are going to offer you. And the selection of the heads, shafts and grips is not big, so you end up buying and getting fitted with what is convenient for the fitter. Not for you.

At BirdieFinish Golf we make sure two experts (we, as the equipment and fitting experts and you, as the expert of your own game and FEEL) talk, test and find the perfect club, shaft and/or grip for you. Then you get to take the club/shaft (in your own club) with you for a day or two and test it out on your golf course or  driving range. This way we make sure you will have the equipment that works for you.

Tons of heads, grips and shafts. A unique fitting process. Perfect fit. Guranteed!

BirdieFinish Golf: (503) 518-0085, 14214 Fir St. # F, Oregon City, 97045